Water Features

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Accessorize and customize your new pool with beauty and fun.

Zaber Pools of Columbus can dress up your pool with all kinds of fountains, features, and fun things that will make your back yard a daily destination for the whole family.

We design spray jets that beautifully arc water streams over the pool or fountains that give your new pool a touch of the exotic. Stone fountains that spill water, diving boards that act as a fountain, or pool-side fountains all add a relaxing touch to your new pool. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing, but promote tranquility.

We’ve discovered that a sunstep designed into your new vinyl pool is perfect for both adults and children. A sunstep is essentially a platform where the water is only about a foot deep, with plenty of area to stretch out and relax. Perfect for adults to have conversations with friends. Perfect also for kids who don’t want to venture too far out.

Water Sports
Water basketball hoops and volleyball nets make your new pool a sports center that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Your family will want to stay close to home with these features! Imagine the fun!

LED Lights
Romance up your pool with a variety of LED lights in rotating colors. Your pool can transform into a nighttime dinner party event!

Contact us to make your back yard a family fun center now!

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers
Practical, safe and attractive pool covers lower maintenance and provide piece of mind. Learn more
Equipment and Repairs
Equipment and Repairs
Zaber Pools can outfit your pool with the latest in equipment and personal service. Learn more
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